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Windmill Energy


Go eco-friendly and opt for 100% energy renewability with this Small Wind Turbine Generator. Who knew that going green can save you big money. Get this Wind Turbine Generator that's a total bang for the buck and save even more as you use it!

Durable- This Small Wind Turbine Generator is built to give a heavy duty performance, it is rainproof, snow proof and generally durable.

Budget-friendly - This Wind Turbine Generator is a cost-effective way to generate renewable electricity for your home, the wind power free to harness and 100% renewable!

Sustainable - Wind power is the most sustainable alternative power source unlike energy produced by fossil fuels.


  • Shaft Material: Iron
  • Type: Wind Power Generator
  • Mounting Base: Without Mounting Base
  • Blade material: Nylon
  • Safe wind speed: 40m/s max.
  • Blades quantity: 5
  • Generator: Three-phase permanent magnet suspension motor
  • Control system: Electromagnet
  • Voltage: 12v/24v/48V