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Handmade Sun Glasses Box

Give your precious eyewear a chic and unique storage box and get your hands on this Handmade Sun Glasses Box. Keeping your glasses secure but doing it in style!

Eco-friendly - This Handmade Sun Glasses Box is crafted with all natural materials such as bamboo giving a high quality and environment-friendly product.
Secure hold - Like most sunglass cases, this Handmade Sun Glasses Box gives your eyewear a secure keep.
Versatile - You can put more things inside this Handmade Sun Glasses Box and you can use it for various storage purposes.


  • Item Weight: 102g
  • Item Height: 6.6cm / 2.59"
  • Item Width: 6.6cm / 2.59"
  • Item Length: 16.5cm / 6.49"
  • Item Diameter: 6.6cm / 2.59"
  • Materials: Bamboo