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IErasable Notebook

A5 Black
A5 Warm gray
B5 Black

Better for you. Better for our planet.

Forget about carrying heavy notepads to Classes/ Meetings and Discussions. No more worries about spending money buying paper notepads that might be lost or misplaced. Fewer worries on more trees need to be chopped resulting in global warming.

The IErasable Notebook is made of environmentally friendly stone paper allowing our work to be cleaned with a moist towel or blown away with a hair dryer. The notes and drawings can also be stored in the cloud in our phones. This allows each sheet of paper to be cleaned and reused up to 500 times.

The IErasable Notebook is all you need to bring with you anywhere, anytime.

Material: stone paper
length: A5 is 21.5cm, B5 is 25.5cm
Width: A5 is 14.6cm, B5 is 18.1cm
Pressure Levels: handwriting
Colors: Black
Pages color: white


Package list:
1 * Smart Reusable Notebook
1 * polit frixion pen
1 * cloth


1. Erasable pen cannot be used?

Don't worry, this is misunderstanding, pls remove the red wax layer from the NIB, then the pen is ok, pls try to do it, thanks.


Smart notebook. Scan with CamScanner APP to store your notes, Blast your notes to google docs, dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, box, and email.

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