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Handmade Woodcarving 3D Animal Stapler


Why opt for a basic stapler when you can bring out the fun on office supplies with these Handmade Woodcarving 3D Animal Staplers!

Fine craftsmanship - These Handmade Woodcarving 3D Animal Staplers are made all by hand, carving each individual pieces to perfections, especially for you.
Eco-friendly - Made with high quality wood and other eco-friendly materials, these staplers are not just fun to look at and use, they are fun for the environment too.
Unique design - This Handmade Woodcarving 3D Animal Stapler comes in a range of animal variations to choose from, all craved precisely, so you can pick out your favorite ones!


  • Material: Wood
  • Size: Length: 3.74inches/9.5cm. Width: 1.57inches/4cm. Height: 3.54inches/9cm